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Surgery proccess

One of the questions that many people who are planning to have a hair transplant ask is whether it hurts. Worrying about the pain is quite understandable but you don’t have to worry actually.

During all kinds of hair transplantation operations, the doctors apply local anaesthesia to your head to ease the pain. In fact, you can watch TV, read a book, listen to music or play games on your phone during the operation.
Hair Transplantation with Fue Method

FUE method, the surgeons use sharp tipped (less than 1 mm in diameter) pen-shaped tools to perform the operation. This leaves tiny holes on the patient’s scalp that heal faster and leave no marks.

You will not feel any pain during the operation, but the doctors apply the local anaesthesia by using a needle. This may cause some little pain, but it is nothing to be afraid of. However, some people may have a needle phobia. For these cases, doctors use the method of sedation. Sedation is a completely risk-free implementation. It puts the patient for 10 to 15 minutes of sleep state. The doctors apply the local anaesthesia while the patient is asleep and then start the operation once the patient is awake.

You will start to use medications after the operation. These medications are to prevent any infections and ease your pain during the healing period. Along with the method that is used during the operation, the number of grafts planted back is also a factor. If you had more grafts, then your wounds will probably take longer to heal. The healing period will be more painful as well.

The healing period usually takes about 1 to 2 weeks. But we should remind you that it varies depending on the person and the methods used in the operation. If you notice that your wound takes longer to heal and if you feel unbearable pain, then you should immediately consult your doctor.