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Beard Transplantation

You can have the natural and permanent beard you have dreamed of.

A beard is a very special and aesthetic detail that completes the facial image of men. But a substantial numbers of males, sometimes because of genetic factors, sometimes due to accidents and incidents, are unfortunately deprived of that privilege. Having a beard is an innate gift for men but not being able to make use of this privilege can cause psychological pressure for many man who experience this problem. Until recently, drug therapy was used which had many side effects. Nowadays, it is possible to obtain very good results by very successful transplantation practices.

The DHI FUE method which is used in hair transplantation is also used for facial hair transplantation. During the first consultation, the client and the expert team will decide on the area of implantation and the intended shape of the beard. Then the hair follicles which are most suitable for beard structure are taken one by one; with the help of special devices they are placed into each canals which are opened before and the operation is ended. In beard hair transplantation, there will be a temporary loss in a few weeks, the same as it is in hair. After this hair loss, from the third month, the beard will become natural, and transplantation will not be obvious to see.

After transplantation you will not be faced with serious problems that may hinder your daily life. It will be enough not to shave during the first week and protect it from the sun for two weeks as much as possible. When the operation is performed by an expert and with a personal care, it is possible to have a dense beard in the desired form and in a short period of a few months.

The transplantation of beard hair can be applied easily to almost everyone although there are exceptions. It is possible to apply this technique to people with very sparse beards or who are beardless, even to people with deformed faces because of burns or scars.