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Eyebrow Transplantation

We are here to help you to have the eyebrows you desire.

Though we are not very aware of our eyebrows, they have a very important mission to determine our image. Our eyebrows have an important role to protect our eyes from water and sweat, be a natural shade against the sun, and add detail to our facial expressions; in addition, especially for women they are one of the indispensable parts of facial make up and beauty. Due to the fact that the eyebrows in the human face hold a very important place, many people have deformed their eyebrows for the sake of desired appearance, faced unwanted problems because of incorrect applications or excessive make up. Apart from this, also there are many people who have lost a part of their eyebrows because of an accident. The solution, with present opportunities, of all these problems is possible with transplantation of eyebrow which is the most effective way.

As in transplantation of hair, in eyebrow transplantations, hair follicles are taken from different part of body and they are planted in the eyebrow area. They are most similar to the structure of the hair of the eyebrows and are located in the back of the nape, so hair follicles are taken from here and transferred. After checking, keeping in the forefront of a person’s views, first the decided shape of eyebrow is drawn by a pen, micro canals are opened in accordance with the shape for transplantation. Follicles are placed into these canals one by one, and transplantation is carried out. Usually in a few hours of a single session it is possible to own the desirable eyebrows. Transplanted eyebrows are permanent.

Pricing in eyebrow transplantation is usually determined by the number of transplanted grafts. Compared with hair and beard, fewer grafts will be transferred to eyebrow area, hence the prices are very charming.