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FUE Hair Transplatation

FUE, which stands for Follicular Unit Extraction, is a common hair transplantation method. It is carried out throughout the world. It is a product of cutting-edge technology and it provides people with great results. FUE method was first introduced in 2003 and since then, it has evolved significantly.

Performing the FUE method is a very demanding task. It requires experience, skill, and specialization. The reason for that is the FUE method allows dermatologists (or plastic surgeons) to harvest hair follicles one by one. Once the surgeons harvest the donor follicles with the help of special pieces of equipment, they then plant these follicles according to their natural angle and direction. This makes the hair to have a natural look and feel.
The procedure of FUE Method

Most of the clinics use the FUE method for hair transplantation. Before starting the procedure, surgeons shave the patient’s hair. Then they apply local anaesthesia to the donor and target areas. Once the patient’s scalp becomes numb, surgeons begin to harvest the donor follicles using special pieces of equipment. These special types of equipment, which are in essence micromotors with special tips, enable surgeons to harvest the donor hairs, hair follicles and the tissues surrounding them without damaging any of them. Then the surgeons keep the harvested follicles under safe conditions, ready to be planted while completing the harvesting phase. The planting process is simply placing the follicles to the tiny holes, or canals, that the surgeons open on the patient’s scalp.

After a month from the operation, the transplanted hair will likely fall out. This is a completely normal period. They will start to grow back in about a month or two. In the sixth month, the hair will grow to a point that it is quite visible. But once you hit the one-year mark, your hair will have a completely natural look and feel. The transplanted hair will be inseparable from your original hair.

FUE method has many advantages compared to the old FUT method. These can be listed as follows:

Doesn’t require any cutting or stitching
Leaves minimal or even no scarring
Has a rapid recovery time
Causes minimal to no pain
The procedure can be completed within six to eight hours
Allows accurate calculation and planning prior to the procedure. This allows the patient to have a picture of the outcome of the operation
Offers maximum density
Provides natural-looking hairline
Also suitable for the areas such as eyebrow, beard, and moustache
4000 to 6000 grafts can be extracted in a single session (each graft contains approximately 2 hair follicles)

The FUE method will produce excellent results if a skilled and experienced plastic surgeon performs the operation. Do extensive research before deciding on an action plan and consult your dermatologist to be informed whether the FUE method is suitable for you.