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Hair Loss Treatment

Professional support to make your hair more resistant against hair loss.

According to the research, it is normal to lose 50-100 hairs per day for an adult. As our body continually renews itself, our hair also continues to renew itself constantly in a particular cycle. However, in this process, if this cycle is much shorter than normal, after hair shedding the absence of new hair, and new growing hair is much thinner than normal hair or start shedding more hair than it should be, these are signs that the situation is not improving. If faced with any of these conditions, taking precautions early will prevent you from facing an unwanted situation like baldness. This may stop the process which is not going well or at least will slow it down. Among the causes of hair loss we can count many titles such as stress, genetic codes, effects of drugs, malnutrition, pregnancy, inadequate maintenance, and external factors. Considering all these headlines, it is helpful to avoid serious hair loss by taking daily hair care, meticulous attention to nutrition, and protect it from external influences. But whatever it is, especially in the case of genetic code, personal efforts may not be enough for hair care. Therefore, it is possible to take a more professional support on how it should be of daily hair care and also hair may appear much stronger and vibrant after professional hair care is applied in a clinic. That’s why, owing to the experience the years have given as, we provide professional hair care services to our dear guests. Through PRP, hair mesotherapy or Orenda Biotechnic which are the treatment practices that are performed in a clinical environment, you will have hair that is more vibrant, bright, and much more stubborn against loss.

Hair shedding is a natural process. Every day, anywhere from 50 to 100 hairs are lost and that’s completely normal in order to regenerate hair. However, in some cases, this number can go up and lead to baldness or hair loss.


When under stress, the human body works differently than normal, and as a result, hair is also affected by it. If you are losing your hair because of stress, worry not; hair lost because of stress usually comes back after the stress has resided.

Anemia can lead to extreme hair loss. Anemia, in the most simplistic terms, can be described as a decrease in the total amount of red blood cells in your blood. Decreasing the blood cells causes iron deficiency. Without iron in the body, hair cannot be feeded grown properly and it begins to fall out. Although it is easily treatable, one should go to the doctor as soon as possible when anemia is present.

Thyroid Diseases:

The thyroid gland is responsible for producing certain hormones. When it starts to work less, it is called “hypothyroidis,” and it is called “hyperthyroidism” when it starts to work more than necessary.

In both cases, the metabolism starts to work differently. Vitamin and iron deficiency is the most common problematic result of these two diseases. As a result of such deficiencies, hair starts to fall out. However, these hair problems are treatable, especially hypothyroidis.


This is a disease called “alopecia areata.”With this disease, regional hair loss is common, with the regions approximately 3 cm in diameter.
Drug Usage:

In some cases, drug usage affects the body which results in insufficient vitamin and iron in the hair. When drug usage ends, hair loss will probably end as well.
Vitamin deficiency

Hair roots can’t survive without vitamins. Without vitamins, hair will start to fall out or weaken.

It is important to realize the reason for the hair loss. If there’s a medical condition that leads to hair falling out, it should be treated immediately. If the condition is not immediately medically urgent, PRP or Hair Mesotherapy can take place and hair loss may be prevented.

If hair loss was sudden and unexpected, you can always get help from modern methods. Under sterilized conditions, you can get a FUE treatment which restores the hair in a very natural way.