Hair Loss Treatment

Orenda Hair Care Products

Orenda hair care products are exceptional in situations such as hair loss or weak hair roots.

There are 3 different products for men and 4 different products for women.

Please remember that these products are not useful unless they are all used together.

Orenda Shampoo

With its miraculous Phyto Cell Malus Domes sap, Orenda shampoo affects the hair roots instantly. In 2008, Orenda Shampoo won the “The Most Innovative Product” award in Spain. It purifies the hair using external factors and feeds the hair roots, while livening up the hair and preventing hair loss. Also, it prevents oily skin from developing beneath the hair.

Orenda Serum

Orenda Serum can be applied to the scalp right after shampooing. It feeds the skin of the scalp. One should apply it with a little massage, allowing the serum to get into the very roots of the hair. Hair should be rested and damp for 4 or 5 hours. In every session, half of the amount will be enough.

You can use the serum every 3 days.

It affects the hair withprovitamin B5, keratin, and biotin, resulting in better hair roots and thicker hair.

Orenda Biotin Tablet

This tablet contains rosehip, grape seed oil, citrus sap, and date palm. When the body can’t receive certain vitamins and minerals, hair is also affected by it. Hair affected by this deficiency can begin to fall out.

Orenda Biotin Tablets solve this problem with the minerals and vitamins it has in its formula. It allows hair to grow perfectly healthy and strong.

This is an another complementary product in the Orenda Hair Product series,and it shows its effects after 1 month of usage. 1 tablet per day is enough.

Orenda Hair Conditioner

Though mostly women choose to use hair conditioner, men can use it as well. Orenda hair conditioner should be used after washing by applying it slowly with scalp-massaging movements. After a couple of minutes of application, rinse your hair.