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Mustache Transplantation

With the FUE method, you can have a mustache you dream without trauma and without pain.

The mustache is a very special detail that completes the facial image of men aesthetically. However, some men because of genetic factors or because of health issues are unfortunately deprived of that privilege or their mustache is not in the form they want. This situation may not cause any health problems but it can cause a man to lose his self-confidence. But with present hair transplantation technology, now it is possible to transplant mustache as in hair and beard.

As in transplantation of hair and beard, the hair roots of the nape are preferred for mustache transplantation. Hair follicles, which can show most natural image with the current mustache, are taken from the back of the neck carefully, and they are inserted into micro-channels in the mustache area one by one. Due to local anesthesia there is no way to feel pain or twinges. With the FUE method which is the latest technology in hair transplantation, there will be no scars, neither on hair follicles taken nor on the treated area of the face. After transplantation, in a few weeks temporary hair loss may be seen but in a few months new mustache will become a natural image so it will not be clear whether transplantation was done.

The transplantation of mustache is applicable to almost every man. It is perhaps the most effective treatment method for many different problems as being beardless, the lack of mustache in the desired view, the lack of form of mustache line, burns, scars or pelade on mustache.

As the price of hair transplantation the main factor determining the prices of mustache transplantation is the number of grafts to be transplanted. Compared with hair and beard, fewer grafts will be transferred to mustache area, hence the prices are quite charming compared to the hair and beard transplantation. However, the price can be determined based on a person’s current situation and wishes, and after expert control.