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Women Hair Transplantation

Baldness in women ends with the FUE method.

Baldness in women ends with the FUE method. Although baldness is usually known as a problem experienced by men, sometimes it can become a problem for women as well. This situation can cause serious psychological pressure, even for a man. For a woman to have this problem, it is quite annoying, and it will bring a difficult process.Causes of hair loss in women may differ from men. Men usually have hair loss in certain areas of the head but hair loss in women is sometimes seen as a thinning throughout the head. The reason for this situation is determined by the doctor. Then it is possible to take positive results to stop the hair loss before transplantation. Otherwise, if the hair loss continues, the transplanted hair also will shed with existing hair day after day in this process. In addition to these cases, there are highly successful hair transplantations for different problems experienced by women.

Such hair loss is usually temporary and hair grows again. Hair transplantation can be done in cases where the hair does not grow and good results can be obtained.

Usually bangs and hair in front of the ears can be lost depending on pull. These problems can be solved easily by hair follicles taken from the back of the neck.

It is possible to solve such problems by hair transplantation.

High hairline, as in men, it is possible to be seen in women genetically. The solution to this problem is easy with transplantation and is permanent.

One of the reasons that many women keep a distance from the hair transplantation is the offensive image of after transplantation and they think they need to shave their head for this. However, in present conditions, without shaving head, hair transplantation is possible. After an expert control, according to the cause of loss and person’s current situation, a head shave can also be done.

Because of where technology has reached today, it is possible to reach successful and natural results of hair transplantation without disrupting daily life. Especially hair transplantation for women, only center professionals will be able to decide, because after plantation hair loss can be seen. So be sure of how the centers of transplantation are experienced in their field and must find out whether they are only interested in money.